Brasserie Artisanale Craft Brewery

Brasserie Artisanale Craft Brewery

Petit-Sault Brewers

Brewtique Hours

Our beers are on sale in our Brewtique, 45 de l'Église Street, downtown Edmundston, access via Michaud Street Parking. Please note our store hours are subject to change. Phone : (506) 733-1313

On tap at the Brewtique

Louis XVII
Amber Ale 5.5%

Bob LeBoeuf
Blond Ale 5.2%

Tante Blanche
White Beer 4.7%

La Buckdjeuve
Heartwarming Beer 7.3%

See our extended business hours for the Holidays
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Our Bottled Beers

Bob LeBoeuf 341 ml Bottle
Bob LeBoeuf Beer Lable Petit-Sault Brewers

Bob LeBoeuf, Blonde Beer

Available in the following NB Liquor stores (external link)

ACBA-BronzeA crisp, refreshing Belgian-style blonde ale, with a subtle hint of Saaz and Northern Brewer hops. Full-bodied taste and a generous froth, leaving behind a delicate lace for a complete sensory experience. Brewed with pure Edmundston water naturally filtered through the surrounding mountains

Tante Blanche beer bottle Petit-Sault Brewers
Tante Blanche beer label Petit Sault Brewers


Tante Blanche, Belgian-Style White Beer

Available in the following NB Liquor stores (external link)

A Belgian-style white beer with a delicately balanced nose hinting of citrus and coriander with a discreet spicy ending. Dense, white foamy head crowns this refreshing witbier made with natural ingredients and brewed with pure Edmundston water.

Also available in reusable growlers at the brewery and convenient 6 x 341 ml packaging (six-pack)

Petit-Sault Brewers beer growler
Bob LeBoeuf beer six-pack Petit-Sault Brewers
Tante Blanche beer six-pack Petit-Sault Brewers